Quotes from Robin

Dick Grayson:You want to take a ride in my love machine, bay-bay?

Dick Grayson:I need a name! Batboy, Nightwing, I dunno. What's a good sidekick name?
Bruce Wayne:How about Dick Grayson, college student?
Dick Grayson:Screw you!

Dick Grayson:Holey rusted metal, Batman!
Bruce Wayne:Huh?
Dick Grayson:The ground, it's all metal. It's full of holes. You know, holey.
Bruce Wayne:Oh.

Dick Grayson:All I can think about every second of the day is getting Two-Face. He took my whole life. And when I was out there tonight, I imagined it was him that I was fighting, even when I was fighting you. And all the pain went away. Do you understand?
Bruce Wayne:Yes, I do.
Dick Grayson:Good, cause you gotta help me find him. And when we do, I'm the one who kills him.
Bruce Wayne:So, you're willing to take a life.
Dick Grayson:Long as it's Two-Face.
Bruce Wayne:Then it will happen this way: You make the kill, but your pain doesn't die with Harvey, it grows. So you run out into the night to find another face, and another, and another, until one terrible morning you wake up and realize that revenge has become your whole life. And you won't know why.
Dick Grayson:You can't understand. Your family wasn't killed by a maniac.
Bruce Wayne:Yes, they were. We're the same.

Dick Grayson:How come this is the only locked door in this museum? What do you have back here?
Alfred Pennyworth:Master Wayne's dead wives.

Gang Leader:Who the hell are you?
Dick Grayson:I'm Batman. [the gang is laughing] Okay, so I forgot my suit!

Dick Grayson:I can't promise I won't kill Harvey.
Bruce Wayne:A man's got to go his own way. A friend taught me that.
Dick Grayson:Not just a friend.
Bruce Wayne:A partner.

Quotes about Robin

The Riddler:And behind curtain number two... Batman's one and only partner. This acrobat-turned orphan likes Saturday morning cartoons and one day dreams being...bare naked with a girl!

Alfred Pennyworth:Broken wings mend in time. One day Robin will fly again. I promise.

Alfred Pennyworth:I'm sorry to bother you, sir. But I have some rather distressing news about Master Dick.
Bruce Wayne:What? Is he all right?
Alfred Pennyworth:I'm afraid Master Dick has, uhm, gone traveling.
Bruce Wayne:He ran away?
Alfred Pennyworth:Actually, he took the car.
Bruce Wayne:He boosted the Jag?
Alfred Pennyworth:No, sir. Not the Jaguar. The other car.
Bruce Wayne:The Bentley?
Alfred Pennyworth:No, sir! The *other car*.
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