About Robin

Dick was the youngest member of the "Flying Graysons" a family of trapeze-artists.

Attempting to lure out Batman, Two-Face disturbed their performance and threatened everyone with a bomb. The artists used a moment of confusion to try and get the bomb out of the dome. Just as Robin managed to drop it out of the top hatch, Two-Face shot the supporting beams and Robin's family falls to their death.

Afterwards Bruce Wayne offered to take him in with the hope of sending him off to College. However, Dick was out for revenge and did not feel like accepting help from some rich suit. Only after Bruce tempted him with the opportunity of working on some exclusive old motor cycles, Dick agreed to stay for the time being.

Soon, Dick discovered that something was strange in Wayne Manor and the constantly locked door in the main hall caught his attention. Using his athletic skills Dick followed an unsuspecting Alfred just in time before the door closed. Thus discovering the bat cave and that Bruce Wayne is actually Batman.

Before Alfred was able to stop him, Dick took the bat mobile for a joyride. His attempt to safe some girl from a street-gang went wrong. The girl got away safely, but Dick got cornered by almost three dozens gangsters. Before things got ugly, Batman showed up and the attackers flee. Angry, Dick lashed out at Batman - who let him get it out of his system.

Back in the bat cave, Dick insisted on helping Batman. Knowing that revenge is not the answer, Bruce made it clear that he still wants Dick to go to college. Dick was not about to take no for an answer and Bruce was adamant about Dick having a normal life. After Robin made his first appearance saving Batman they had an even bigger argument and Dick left Wayne Manor.

After Two-Face and the Riddler smashed up the bat cave and kidnapped Dr. Chase Meridian, Bruce's current love interest, he shows up again offering once more his help. As it turns out Alfred knew that Dick needed to do this and figure things out for him himself, so he made Dick a high-tech suit.

At first Dick was not sure whether he still wanted to kill Two-Face but in the end decided he rather saw him brought to trial. As things turned out, Two-Face plunged to his death in the end and Bruce finally accepted Robin as his side-kick.

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